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LQD® Spray sponsors Canyon DHB for 2020

- Published 9th December 2019

Endorsed by leading healthcare professionals in the UK, LQD® Spray is the new innovative, naturally sourced, wound dressing for all…

Common injuries every cyclist gets and how to treat them fast 

- Published 16th April 2019

Common injuries every cyclist gets and how to treat them fast   Cycle injuries are an unavoidable downside if you take your bike out frequently. Whether they’re…

How to treat road rash with LQD® Spray

- Published 15th October 2018

Cyclists now have a new way to treat road rash. LQD® Spray is a new road rash treatment spray which…

How to make a wound heal faster

- Published 6th June 2018

The prompt healing of a wound is not only beneficial to a patient’s physical recovery, but it also helps them…

Optimising the Conditions for Wound Healing

- Published 30th May 2018

An innovator in advanced wound dressings, LQD® Spray introduces a revolutionary spray-on primary dressing for the external, local treatment of…